Genre: Fantasy Fiction

This genre, or so it is claimed, is inspired by folklore with roots in traditional stories passed down, verbally, from generation to generation. A plot need not be “true to life”. Many stories, for instance, involve witches and warlocks, ghosts or phantoms, aliens, undiscovered planets, possibly other dimensions or a new race.

Fantasy stimulates the imagination and stirs our emotions.

I recently read a post on my Facebook page claiming that creating a story from imagination is impossible. Is it? Not if the author was encouraged, from childhood, to develop his or her imagination. This author believed a story must be factual. I dispute his statement.

Having created a story about a new race, resembling humans, who are just a little different; three island groups; beings with powers beyond our comprehension (not the wand and spell magic that everyone is so fond of). My race are intelligent, aggressive and powerful (physically and mentally). Their sole purpose is to end human’s reign as dominant species.

The stories I create have been described as “high fantasy”, “dark fantasy” “Science Fiction” and “Fantasy Adventure”. To understand them, allow your imagination free rein, as only then can you become part of my fantasy world.

And please don’t skip read as seemingly irrelevant comments are often crucial.

Everyone, when writing an article on creating a story, includes the comment that “reading is essential”. Frankly, we are all aware. How could we not be? It is the first step to creating a credible story, whatever the genre chosen. Even so, authors must―in the end―create their own unique writing style otherwise books will become boring. Clones, for want of a better term!

Frankly, my personal belief is that fantasy is different. Chuck your book of rules out of the window, allow your imagination free rein and create a book that stretches a reader’s imagination to the limit.

In other words: push the boundaries!

Published by llamamemeg

I love creating stories. In many ways―since I returned to the UK (from Andalucia, Spain) in August 2015―it has taken over my life. Until recently, I ran a blog covering my journey through research, writing/editing/publishing my first novel but I discovered that one of my somewhat unusual short stories had been “plagiarised” by a popular American Author. Taking someone else’s work, if only one chapter, is immoral. To ensure she didn’t steal any more of my work, I closed the blog. Something I now regret but regrets are pointless. “The Elderns” (formerly “The Eldern Journals”) were also extensively revised. Hopefully, they will be published on Amazon KDP before the end of 2022. The first volume of my short story books, “So Bizarre”, will also be published. Or they will when I manage to sus out how to upload them to the Amazon website.

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