The Eldern Journals

This was the prologue to the original trilogy, the first two books of which have been withdrawn from sale pending a “re write” and title change. The three books are now four Novellas which will be published on Amazon KDP (with a new title: The Elderns) towards the end of 2022.

Author: Maureen Stych

Morag Despaired! The world she created had fallen into disarray; many unique and beautiful species were extinct; many others faced the same fate. Though Dai and Inyaña were enjoying the freedom to wander, she summoned them to the homeworld.

“Humankind’s time as dominant species must end. Dai, you are assigned the task of creating a new species, in the likeness of humankind but with the foresight and intelligence to work in harmony with Mother Earth.”

Morag grew quiet as words flowed into Dai and Inyaña’s minds, and through Dai took form on the scroll.

“Morag, this world is my refuge,” Inyaña pleaded. “Human beings are young, barely out of childhood, be patient, with age comes maturity. In time they will acknowledge and rectify their mistakes.”

Though Morag empathised with Inyaña, she hardened her heart.

“And many years from now, humankind will still be young and naive. Despite the help and advice proffered, they do not live in harmony with the world around them. Mother Earth is in decline: to restore balance, a new dominant species must rise.”

“At last,” E’rón hissed, “the time has come for us to seize control of Creation.”

“Morag favours Inyaña and Dai so to incur her wrath is unwise.”

“This may well be true, but the homeworld is my domain, Adya, obey or face my wrath. Journey with me and join my loyal companions from the night world and together, we will assign our oppressors to the past.”

Seeking solace from familiar surroundings, Inyaña returned to the outer chamber. “Aari,” she screamed, falling to her knees beside her guardian’s body. Sensing Adya’s presence, Inyaña spun to face him. Blood dripped from his sword onto the pure white marble floor.

Minutes only passed before Dai entered the outer chamber. As Dai knelt beside Inyaña’s body, and gently closed her eyes, he linked, “Please forgive me, Morag, I failed.”

One by one, the minor Gods and demons appeared. E’rón strolled around the outer chamber, and confidently declared, “Your time as Eldern God has ended.”

Despite Dai’s innate powers, he failed to defeat E’rón’s army of hardened warriors. As he took his last breath, Morag returned to the inner chamber. E’rón sensed her presence but to his dismay he failed to bypass the Guardian’s Gate.

“Inaccessible,” he snarled.

Time paused for all but Adya. Sensing the presence of an old enemy, he spun to face him. As Sombrear’s slender bladed dagger pierced Adya’s heart, he took his last breath.

“Morag, her daughter and Inyaña’s husband escaped,” E’rón growled as he knelt beside his loyal servant’s body. “Find them.”

“And what of Sombrear’s lover.”

“No matter the cost, trace Máirín before she gives birth.”

Tears trickled down Máirín’s pale cheeks as she returned from the trance. Lightly, she touched her stomach linking with her daughter, “Little one, we must return to Sanctuary.”

Without a backward glance, she stepped through the fissure in time. The freezing cold wind chilled her slender frame. “Thank you, Morag,” she whispered as a silver-grey fur cape swathed her trembling body.

A familiar young woman approached; even from afar Máirín recognised the powers held within her slender frame.

“Lady Máirín, welcome to Sanctuary. My mother instructed me to prepare a cottage ready for your arrival.”

Published by llamamemeg

I love creating stories; in many ways since I returned to the UK in 2015, it has taken over my life. Until recently, I ran a blog covering my journey through research through writing/editing/publishing my first novel but I discovered that one my somewhat unusual short stories had been "plagarised", I deleted all the content and closed the blog. Something I now regret but regrets are pointless. I recently changed the Eldern Journals from three full length novels to six shorter novels. The books have been extensively revised and I have compiled a book of short stories, title: How Bizarre. Hopefully, when I manage to sus out how to publish my books on KDP, the books should be published before the end of 2022. Getting back into writing articles on my website may take a little longer as it has been so long since I last visited the site. TTFN, for now.

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