The Elderns

Thankfully, I have finished editing my trilogy (now six books); former title: The Eldern Journals. When I finish designing ebook covers they will be published on Amazon KDP. This is the new synopsis for Book 1, Laird of the Damned.

Relax, pour a glass of wine, dim the lights and enter my world, a world that will stretch your imagination to the limits. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Etsai Guýgaal, firstborn son of Zúri and grandson of E’ron.

Humankind face extinction at the hands of a superior race blessed with phenomenal powers. A race I created in the likeness of humankind but with the intelligence and foresight to return our world to health.

A small village, and its inhabitants, overlooking the Bay of Biscay thrives. These wild seas deter human visitors, as do their powerful guardians. To find safety, and escape the Christian movement who enter their homeland, they embark of a perilous journey. All does not go well, however, and they are forced to journey south and make their home on a wild unwelcoming island which is also home to a mighty immortal who resents their presence.

When a male child is born, his mother nurtures and protects him against those whose intent is to prevent his rise. This child’s destiny is to rule the new Pha’rár.

Knowledge of the future is dangerous, or so Diana claimed, when Cæsar asked her to interpret a witness dream experienced during sleep. Throughout life Diana experienced visions, just images, but her powers matured. Witness dreams, she claimed when Cæsar described his dream, warn of an encounter in the future or an important event from the past.

When her son refuses to accept that knowledge of the future is dangerous, Diana reluctantly interprets the vision claiming it was a warning to beware of the man who came to him in his dream. Diana recognised the soul of this powerful vindictive man. Death himself, she claimed, walks beside the Laird of the Damned.

Published by llamamemeg

I love creating stories. In many ways―since I returned to the UK (from Andalucia, Spain) in August 2015―it has taken over my life. Until recently, I ran a blog covering my journey through research, writing/editing/publishing my first novel but I discovered that one of my somewhat unusual short stories had been “plagiarised” by a popular American Author. Taking someone else’s work, if only one chapter, is immoral. To ensure she didn’t steal any more of my work, I closed the blog. Something I now regret but regrets are pointless. “The Elderns” (formerly “The Eldern Journals”) were also extensively revised. Hopefully, they will be published on Amazon KDP before the end of 2022. The first volume of my short story books, “So Bizarre”, will also be published. Or they will when I manage to sus out how to upload them to the Amazon website.

One thought on “The Elderns

  1. As a short story writer, reading this blog post has left me feeling excited and eager to dive into this new world that has been created. The synopsis paints a vivid picture of a world filled with danger, intrigue, and powerful immortal beings, and I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds. The mention of a male child with a destined role to play in the new Pha’rár has also left me wondering what role he will play in the story and how he will shape the world around him. Overall, this blog post has definitely piqued my interest and I can’t wait to read more!


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