This is an excerpt from a shortstory which will be published in my book of short stories and flash fiction which will be published early spring. Title: How Bizarre. I hope you all enjoy my scribbles.

Part 1: Eduardo Jiménez

In the wake of Miguel’s death and Patricia’s disappearance, Eduardo returned to the Andalucian village where his paternal grandparents dwelt only to discover that terrorists had launched an attack on the Spanish mainland, sacking villages along the coastline from Gibraltar to Maro. Although her grandson seemed to be content, Adriana sensed something was amiss. When questioned, Eduardo failed to respond.

“Eduardo, explain why you are troubled.”

“Surely, it’s obvious? My father’s death and mother’s disappearance is painful.”

“I understand why this is difficult for you…”

“Difficult,” Eduardo yelled. “My father was fit and healthy. Someone ended his life, but who would murder a man beloved by the whole community. Given the circumstances surrounding his death, my mother’s disappearance is suspicious. Another matter concerns me: why wasn’t I informed of my father’s death until after the cremation, and why ― when I mentioned my mother’s disappearance ― was I faced with a wall of silence?”

“Patricia adored my son. I agree that her disappearance is suspicious, but as our village Elder you must set your heartbreak aside and focus on the dangers faced by the people you swore to protect. Terrorists are heading inland so we are isolated: food, medication and other essentials are scarce.”

“The solution is simple, I’ll organise a hunting trip.”

“It’s a waste of time, Eduardo, the huntsmen returned empty-handed from a two-day trip.”

“I fail to see why it’s a waste of time. Grandpa, the village is small with only 27 cottages and three apartments.”

“And seventy-seven residents.”

“I will find a way to source food for everyone. Fish, deer, wild boar and rabbits are plentiful. Ali and Juan offered to visit abandoned villages and farms to source grains, fruit, vegetables and wine.”

Carlos winced as his grandson’s Land Rover raced out of the village and up the steep winding track into the mountains. Eduardo braked and skidded across the narrow track barely missing an ancient oak tree. An icy blue mist dancing around the entrance of a wide shallow cave tempted him to enter. Without a second thought, he raced through the mist and emerged on a mountainside overlooking an island devoid of human life. The views were breathtaking. Waterfalls cascaded down the mountain range filling tiny pools with clear fresh water. Geysers dotted around the valley erupted sending jets of boiling water and steam high into the air. Twin waterfalls thundered down the slopes feeding a wide river snaking through the valley.

Memories returned as he strolled around the abandoned town of his parent’s love of Ronda and the El Tajo canyon cutting through the town centre. The traditional seagoing yacht, at anchor in the bay, intrigued him. Three old-fashioned fishing vessels stored in dry docks, Kayaks and yachts in a large outbuilding reminded him of the homeland.

Eduardo glanced at the mist swirling around a tiny cottage overlooking the village square. Sensing a familiar presence he approached. Mysteriously, when the mist dispersed, he no longer sensed her presence. The cottage was warm and inviting; a fire burned in the grate, magazines and books covered the desk. An unusual slender bladed dagger, its silvery grey blade and bone hilt decorated with an intricate pattern of runes was familiar. Exquisite watercolours of a boy, from early childhood to maturity, adorned the walls of his mother’s study.

Published by llamamemeg

I love creating stories. In many ways―since I returned to the UK (from Andalucia, Spain) in August 2015―it has taken over my life. Until recently, I ran a blog covering my journey through research, writing/editing/publishing my first novel but I discovered that one of my somewhat unusual short stories had been “plagiarised” by a popular American Author. Taking someone else’s work, if only one chapter, is immoral. To ensure she didn’t steal any more of my work, I closed the blog. Something I now regret but regrets are pointless. “The Elderns” (formerly “The Eldern Journals”) were also extensively revised. Hopefully, they will be published on Amazon KDP before the end of 2022. The first volume of my short story books, “So Bizarre”, will also be published. Or they will when I manage to sus out how to upload them to the Amazon website.

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