Inyaña’s Revenge

I sensed my brother’s heartbreak when a familiar man stepped onto the wharf and smiled as he strolled towards Elisha. The reunion with his wife, Raúl and Xander amazed as all.

“Caius,” she murmured. “Welcome to the new homeland. I’m pleased that you decided to return.”

Within minutes, Caius and Elisha, with their son, stepped on board the traditional ocean going yacht and headed out of the bay. Months passed yet Fÿréa, seated beside wharf, patiently awaited their return.

Dejectedly, as winter turned to spring, Fÿréa whispered, “Father, I’ve lost her.”

“Hell,” my father growled. “Get a grip. If Elisha decides to return to her husband, then so be it. You must accept that she is lost to you and move on.

As winter turned to Spring, De Vida—with Raúl by the helm—moored alongside the wharf. A tiny woman, seated beside the standing stones, raced down the hillside. The tiny child scrambled out of her mother’s arms and yelled, “Daddy.”

“Do you still think you’ve lost her,” my father growled as he cradled the child in his arms.

“But her was infertile.”

“In his first life, Fÿréa, but no longer.” My father’s laughter couldn’t be contained as he watched my brother. “Without trust, Fÿréa, life isn’t worth living.”

Published by llamamemeg

I love creating stories. In many ways―since I returned to the UK (from Andalucia, Spain) in August 2015―it has taken over my life. Until recently, I ran a blog covering my journey through research, writing/editing/publishing my first novel but I discovered that one of my somewhat unusual short stories had been “plagiarised” by a popular American Author. Taking someone else’s work, if only one chapter, is immoral. To ensure she didn’t steal any more of my work, I closed the blog. Something I now regret but regrets are pointless. “The Elderns” (formerly “The Eldern Journals”) were also extensively revised. Hopefully, they will be published on Amazon KDP before the end of 2022. The first volume of my short story books, “So Bizarre”, will also be published. Or they will when I manage to sus out how to upload them to the Amazon website.

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