Synopsis: Book 1, The Elderns

Relax, pour a glass of wine, dim the lights and enter my world: a world that will stretch your imagination to the limits. Humans face extinction at the hands of race of beings blessed with extraordinary powers. This race, created by Lord Etsai, is rising. The Pha’rár resemble the dominant species of our planet butContinue reading “Synopsis: Book 1, The Elderns”

Death is the beginning!

I have memories of time spent playing in the attics of a large house; four stories with servant’s quarters on the top floor. I was wearing a white mid-calf length dress, frilly and old-fashioned; pretty ballet pumps made from soft leather, and stockings trimmed with fine hand-made lace. Black hair, styled in ringlets, cascaded downContinue reading “Death is the beginning!”

Excerpt: The Elderns, Book 1: Rising

Morag despaired. The world she created had fallen into disarray. Many unique and beautiful species were extinct, many others faced the same fate. Although Dai and Inyaña were enjoying the freedom to wander, she summoned them to the homeworld. “Humankind’s time as dominant species must end. Dai, you are assigned the task of creating aContinue reading “Excerpt: The Elderns, Book 1: Rising”