The Elderns

Thankfully, I have finished editing my trilogy (now six books); former title: The Eldern Journals. When I finish designing ebook covers they will be published on Amazon KDP. This is the new synopsis for Book 1, Laird of the Damned. Relax, pour a glass of wine, dim the lights and enter my world, a worldContinue reading “The Elderns”


In a bid to escape, I raced down the steep narrow winding staircase to the seventh floor and stepped into the elevator. The underground carpark was dark when I slid―unseen―through a gap in the wrought iron fence. Albeit briefly, I paused… listening. “Unusual weather for Majorca,” I muttered. A thick blanket of pristine snow coveredContinue reading “Edeline”

Death is the beginning!

I have memories of time spent playing in the attics of a large house; four stories with servant’s quarters on the top floor. I was wearing a white mid-calf length dress, frilly and old-fashioned; pretty ballet pumps made from soft leather, and stockings trimmed with fine hand-made lace. Black hair, styled in ringlets, cascaded downContinue reading “Death is the beginning!”


This story was penned by my late daughter, Lisa-Jane Stych. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Angela’s expression was chilling as she glanced at Jon when he admitted to being a vampire; “You feed on people?” “Vampires,” he whispered, “feed on humans. So yes, I do.” “And the Eldarns too?” “No.”Continue reading “Jon”


I introduced Teresa, her son Cain, daughter Belen at the end of Book 3 (Retribution). Terese is E’rón and Sa’eda’s daughter. They are two characters in the “The Elderns”. Protagonists are, IMHO, far more interesting, especially for the writer. This is the first scene from a short story which will be published on this blogContinue reading “Cain”


Hoping that she wouldn’t attract Bran’s attention, the young woman moved into the shadows. Allison’s tinkling laughter irritated her, but it was her husband’s words that cut through her fragile confidence. “My wife is enthusiastic, but naive. She has little knowledge of how to please a man.” Tears ran down her pale cheeks as sheContinue reading “Miriam”


Aderyn pouted as they approached the dilapidated apartment building, “Don’t like it here. Wanna go home, Grandpa. Now.” “Silence, Aderyn, rudeness will not be tolerated.” In a vain attempt to free herself, the tiny child wriggled when her grandfather rang the old-fashioned doorbell. The hiss of fury silenced Aderyn when a woman, her voice soundingContinue reading “Helena”


Exhausted and chilled to the bone the old woman trembled as she dragged her heavy suitcase up the steep driveway. Tentatively, Gladys rang the doorbell. “Gladys,” Stella whispered, shocked by her sister’s unexpected arrival. Nervously, Gladys explained that she was homeless. “I need somewhere to lay my head for the night. Henry and Samantha areContinue reading “Gladys”

The Immortal Suzanna

This is the opening chapter of a novel penned by my late daughter (05.01.1975 to 27.07.2015). Lisa was an avid writer, storyteller and wannabe poet. A talented woman taken far too soon at the age of forty. On the day she was admitted to hospital in the Malaga province Lisa exacted a promise that IContinue reading “The Immortal Suzanna”

Part 1: 1984

Molly winced as she gently applied the make up. Though the swelling was minimal, the bruises on her neck were colourful. “Thank God for concealer, stick make up and eye shadow,” she muttered while checking her reflection. The pain as she fastened the seatbelt was excruciating. Not for the first time did Molly wonder whetherContinue reading “Part 1: 1984”


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