Inyaña’s Revenge

I sensed my brother’s heartbreak when a familiar man stepped onto the wharf and smiled as he strolled towards Elisha. The reunion with his wife, Raúl and Xander amazed as all. “Caius,” she murmured. “Welcome to the new homeland. I’m pleased that you decided to return.” Within minutes, Caius and Elisha, with their son, steppedContinue reading “Inyaña’s Revenge”

Call me Meg Relaunch

I am delighted to announce the relaunch of my blog [], which, will record my journey from creating to writing and finally publishing my “scribbles”. From the beginning, when I lived in Spain with my daughter, I shared my journey with friends and followers. The title of my blog was “” (i.e. Call me Meg).Continue reading “Call me Meg Relaunch”


Part One: Stella Distraught, James phoned the police to report his fiancé’s disappearance. For some inexplicable reason, the receptionist was uncomfortable. Embarrassed, when James challenged her, Annie admitted eavesdropping on his conversation. “Emily and Alan maintained Stella was unwell so they booked an appointment with her GP? James, they hadn’t returned when reception closed soContinue reading “SCÁRPA FLOW”

Making up the story as you go

The best advice I received from an established author was to try different approaches to writing. Either make up the story as you go or write an outline; decide on the length; book/chapter titles and content of each chapter. I’ve tried both. The first trilogy, I did my research; decided on the book/chapter titles, didContinue reading “Making up the story as you go”

Planning a Story “My Way”

While living in Nerja, Spain, I met a retired teacher who emigrated to Andalucia in 2011. Although I rarely criticise people, he was the most boring man that I’ve ever met. When he discovered that my hobby was creating unusual stories, he said, “I’ve always wanted to write a book. I’ve led such an interestingContinue reading “Planning a Story “My Way””